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Published on 10.05.2012

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Welcome in Elgin Park, the smallest city in the United States seems to be literally stuck in the fifties. Elgin Park is also known as "The Perfect Town". A place to live.

Walking through this beautiful book of 144 pages linked it's hard to believe that the photos do her no time, we are in a miniature world made ​​in 1/24th by Michael Paul Smith, photographer status.

Michael Paul Smith has taken a further step in the construction of'''' Diorama by creating an imaginary city'''' Elgin Park with memories of his youth.

Although there are many designers in the world, Michael Paul Smith has combined photographic skills, skill in model design and research details the shadows, color matching, are of high accuracy.

Photos that recreate the city Fifties are credible, not only because, as the origin, lighting and objects are cleverly integrated, but also because of the many details in each scene.

You will soon notice something in the pictures there is one. Michael on purpose, allowing you to project yourself into the scene and imagine what will happen next, as here with this 1951 Studebaker Starlight Coupe parked in front of a house style 1930.





par Michael Paul Smith et Gail K. Ellison 

Site Elgin Park : www.visitelginpark.com

Denis Eveillard

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