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Published on 08.05.2014

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I went to Voodoo Larry's Open House 2014 and it was pretty gosh darn GREAT!

Sunday was warm as it always is at the start of August. The weather was ideal for probably the greatest get together of hot rodders, lead sledders and motor heads in general. Even if you aren't a car nut this event should draw you in just to enjoy the culture.

The music is great, the cars and people are great and the food is greasy enough to let you know that this is real. The car shaping, painting and building has to be considered as a form of sculpture. But don't dare call it art. The gathering of cars and people is certainly a happening. But don't dare call it art.

Voodoo Larry Open House was a smashing success. It is one of the great Chicago area art events, about the car culture.


Voodoo Larry's Open House Collette Marie Does the Talking and Mike Sorci ...


The YouTube channel of Chuck Derer "Rides With Chuck". Let's go for a ride !
The Blog of Chuck Derer "Rides With Chuck". Just for photos !

Credit Vidéo, Photos : Copyright @ 2014 Chuck Derer.

Chuck Derer

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