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2 / 1969 to 1973

Published on 05.05.2012

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In France, the Mustang became the most famous American car of the general public. President Ford France, Henry Chemin, did a lot for the notoriety of the model, involving the Monte Carlo Rally (driven by Johnny Hallyday) and making it appear in many films, A Man and a Woman of Claude Lelouch course but also Constable of Saint Tropez of Jean Giraud. For this film it is a copy of the pre-series which served the shooting, the model is not yet in production. French films in which it appears are numerous and each French even no-geeks know the Mustang.

In 1969 the Mustang adopts a new style.

The Mach1 and the Boss are introduced with many changes and including a new engine: the 351 Windsor, 390 is maintained. Two new special motors are available: BOSS 302 and BOSS 429, 290 and 375 hp respectively. In any Ford will offer 5 engines, the 290 hp BOSS 302, the 390 to 320 hp, the 428 hp 335 and 375 hp BOSS 429.

Reliable sources say that Ford has been very conservative about the power of BOSS 429 and even other engines at the sheets in order that the Mustang remains accessible to all level of insurance.

For example, the BOSS 429 achieves 0-100km / h in 4.8 seconds for such a result today it takes about 500 hp engine.

The engine 429 is a hemispherical head. To install this huge engine compartment must be changed before the battery installed in the boot, move the dampers and lower wishbones to save space.

In 1969 the Mustang V8 has 9 to his name. 302,470 units leave the factory that year.



For the year 1970 the engine range of the proposed Mack1 evolves, the 302 hp 220 is retained, the 390 is abandoned. The double barrel 351 Cleveland 250 hp and 300 hp four body semi hemispherical heads to replace Windsor previous years. The Boss 302 and Boss 290 hp 429 hp 375 are still available in addition to the 428 Cobra Jet Mach1 equipping the 360 ​​hp 428.

Total production for 1970 is 190,727 Mustang. Many analysts arise many questions about the decline compared to 300,000 units in the year 1968 and Previous. The total number of Mustang sold since the beginning we are left with an impressive park with lots of used Mustang on the market. Not to mention the competition Chevrolet Camaro, Pontiac Firebird, etc ...


In 1971 the Mustang underwent big changes quoted aesthetics. The body becomes longer than 8'' and 7'' wider than Mustang1964 and thus heavier.

This is somewhat contrary to the initial project with Lee Iacocca as a small sports car.

Over the motor loses some horses. The 302 loses 10 passes and 210 hp, the 351 loses 10 and gives 240 hp, the 351 passes 285cv with a loss of 15hp.

The Boss 351 is located at 330 hp, the Boss 429 Cobra Jet 370, 429 Super Cobra Jet 375 hp. The cover of the Mach1s'équipe a system RamAir.


Short for this big car Ford made a bad decision at the wrong time. Sales drop to 149,628 Mustangs produced.

In 1972 minor changes but a loss of performance due to new government standards on fuel consumption.

98cv a V6, a 302 hp 140 a 352 168 hp, a 200hp 351 and a 275 hp 351 HO.

Unfortunately, sales continued to decline to around 125,000 units may be 110,000 according to some sources.

The Mustang is not the only one to suffer this fall. Camaro GM is also a victim of these difficult times for the automotive industry.


1973 marks the end of an era. The Mustang is synonymous with muscle car for the last year. It will also be the last year for the Mustang convertible. 134,871 Mustangs were built in 73.

Credit Photos : Ford motor compagny.

Serge Petit

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