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Published on 02.15.2014

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Our first special feature of 2014 is a presentation on The National Car Museum of Iran, and our co-author, Sam knows more that most on subject.

Inside the museum is a trove of untouched sports and luxury cars that were the property of Iran's leading Pahlavi and Qajar dynasties and not just the Shah himself as incorrectly extolled by Jalopnik.

According to Sam, the museum is run by the foundation of Poor & disabled Veterans who for the past 36 years has stored and occasionally sold some cars. In 2001 they used one of the dusty hangars as a basis for the museum.

One large sell-off was in 1980 and included the incredible 1939 Bugatti Type 57C Van Vooren Cabriolet which is now on permanent collection in the Peterson Musuem.

Sam says “There are some unique cars in this collection, some one-off prototypes made special for the Shah. All have very low miles however in rough condition as they are poorly maintained and remained untouched for all these years.” We have a comprehensive gallery by Sam, but also a picture page that describes some of the cars in detail.

1956 Chrysler K300 Special by Ghia

The one-off luxurious Chrysler 300K Special was a gift of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi to his second wife, Soraya Esfandiari, it was commissioned in 1956 and was completed in Ghia studio of Turin.

This, then new sleek look with lowered roofline, aggressive lines, long hood and short deck was the brainchild of Chrysler styling legend, Virgil Exner, who in collaboration with Ghia of Italy created some of the best looking American cars of the era.

As requested by shah the engine was replaced by a bigger one, a 392 hemi which was delivered half way assembled in wax and was later completed by Royal garage chief Mechanic, Reza Dardashti in Tehran. Among the car's special equipment are a radio telephone, refrigerator, long-playing gramophone, and air conditioning 7 all the interior is gold plated. 

Sports cars and prototypes

Article : By Richard Michael Owen published in Super Cars.
Credit  Photos : Copyright @ 2014 Sam Noroozi.

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