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Published on 02.15.2023

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Only 15 years old, the young photographer has more than one trick up his sleeve and has become an ace of illusion. By playing with the viewing angles, he manages to give the impression that the foreground vehicles are real when the reality is far from it.

The teenager with autism immortalizes fabulous photos using his iPhone and his small vintage collector cars that he has owned since he was 6 years old. To do this, he arranges the different pieces on a table and photographs them from a low angle. In this way, the cars photographed up close look like great models! 

Very quickly, he gained a little notoriety on the networks thanks to his original artistic project and received a lot of support which allowed him to publish his first photo book entitled “Small Cars, Big Inspiration”. A second would already be in preparation!

I'll let you discover in photos Anthony Schmidt's intriguing automobile trompe-l'oeil. Many of the photos were taken outdoors in natural settings in the artist's neighborhood, but the models, scenarios, stories, and humor are pure talent and imagination.

Credit : Photos Copyright @ Anthony Schmidt

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