Retromobile 2015, The 40th Edition ...

Published on 02.15.2015

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This unmissable event for amateurs and enthusiasts of vintage cars registered nearly 120,000 entries. This success to several factors: a growing craze for vintage cars, representing today more than yesterday an investment and a safe haven, the growing interest of manufacturers for their history and their past exposure and Baillon sale of the estate by the department of Artcurial Motorcars.

In total, there were 450 exhibitors, more than 500 cars on display, the largest manufacturers with historical exhibits, with Mercedes Streamliner 540 K may be regarded as certainly one of the greatest achievements of the 1930s.

A lot of dealers vintage cars, art dealers, restorers and sellers parts and tools. In addition, three auction houses have achieved significant sales of cars with the world.



The jewels of the collection Baillon, 

Panhard et Levassor 6CS, Maserati A6G 2000 Gran Sport Berlinetta Frua, Talbot Lago T26 Record Coupe by Saoutchik, Talbot Lago T26 Record Cabriolet by Saoutchik, Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider ...

Credit Photos : Copyright @ 2015 Csaba Kiss.

Credit  Vidéo : Copyright @ Artcurial Motorcars. 

Alan Baire Eveillard

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