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Published on 08.10.2011

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The pin up and its creators,

The myth of the pin up was created by countless models, models, movie stars, strippers, photographers, designers, artists and publishers. This dream has been greatly stimulated by the film industry, including major Hollywood companies that used the same symbols. It is enough to be convinced, to remember the nicknames given to actresses: Goddess of the screen, Star Cinema, etc ...

It was after I started working as a model for pin up pictures that some stars (notably Marilyn Monroe) became famous. The Hollywood studios did not hesitate to publicize their actresses with huge poster campaigns with them in pinup poses. This style was widely used for Haywoth Rita and Jane Mansfield has spent his life playing screen roles pinup. But if we exclude from the film, most of the men and women who devoted their lives to promote the dream of pinup, remained anonymous.


Periodicals devoted to pinup appeared from month to month, no further claims. Even Hugh Hefner was far from suspecting, in 1952, the rag he had to buy on credit and for a few dollars, would develop to the point worth billions and become the Playboy empire. The first number does not even include any release date for the simple reason that Hefner did not know when he could get the second. 




The model names of photographers and painters rarely indicated. The public was only interested in one thing, to see beautiful women and dream. It mattered little that the dream was a small work of art. There were rare exceptions, pinup drawn by George Petty knew in the thirties and forties, a phenomenal success.

They were still so popular in 1950 that they devoted a Hollywood film titled The Petty Girl. Antonio Vargas took over in the forties, with Varga Girls who enchanted America.


In the sixties, he became a regular staff of Playboy magazine. Some photographers have also made a name in the genre pinup, Murray Korman filled with pictures alone IT newspaper, in the thirties, Bernard of Hollywood or female photographer Bunny Yeager, who began his career as the model.

Some models include Betty Page who managed perfectly to accept the most horrific photos of sadomasochistic style and had his small audience of fanatics. All the men who lived through the period of the reign of pinup still remember their favorite pinup, which for years has fueled their dreams of teenagers ...



Credit Photos : LIFE Magazine & Archives.

Denis Eveillard

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