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Published on 06.15.2012

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The idea for the magazine came to me as obvious a few weeks after creating the AmeriSud club, members like to "flip" a review, store, classify and then out to read an article or a plug. And that brings together all members, even those hundreds of miles, and they participate in the life of their club.
But reducing this publication privileged few dozen did not seem "democratic", so why not do a review "free"? The only U.S. car magazine free. And thanks to a drafting 'outstanding leader, Frederick Mardon, he could only arise in a magazine format and content blameless.
Obviously in this paper is unsustainable but the web allows that finances can! So "The Mag" will be available for all in E-magazine and without registration or subscription. It is only then that I decided to make a paper version, especially since we had found a printer at prices so low that it has closed after two numbers (well it was not our fault existed, one wonders how Moreover, since 2008). Fortunately it bounced off a printer Italian made a superb job.

From No. 5, the journal is open to three other clubs, American Feeling 31, U.S. Cars Club Normandy and V8 Forever but the leitmotif remain available free at Issuu is unavoidable. It also increased in volume from 36 to almost 60 pages.


  If you want to browse by cons it will physically join (to AmeriSud as I preach to my parish ... lol) If you think a U.S. club is primarily a group of friends sharing a common passion in a friendly atmosphere, you have reason to join us ... If you want to discover the Association AmeriSud the site, a forum, a virtual tour is here ...

Not being an addict of this type of social networking but I realized that among those that rubs music, bikers, rods, etc ... Communication is rather well as forums where you must register, attend, etc ... So I added this possibility !


And thank you to Denis distant member not necessarily easy to feel concerned for his tenacity and willingness to support AmeriSud !
Philippe Courant

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