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Published on 01.15.2012

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After listening to the album I was pleasantly surprised by the recording quality and diversity of rhythms. Just like the film, the album was created with great passion. He deserves to join your jukebox between two titles Fifties! If you have not seen the movie yet and want to please you, I invite you to watch the teaser you'll be pleasantly surprised. This is a film made with passion, enjoy also listen Sound Track you will find all of the songs of the 50's for the most part appear in the film.


If you want to also follow the path of Faith Granger ... If you also want to know all the news Deuce of Spades preview ... The DVD bonnus which include among other things, deleted scenes, interviews, presentations etc ... used cars So do not wait this page is for you to over 5,000 Fans can be reached !

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Denis Eveillard

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