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Published on 03.05.2017

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In celebration of 110 years of one of the most iconic brands in the world, Assouline presents the first luxury book on America s foremost luxury car. Cadillac takes readers on a visual journey through all the decades of its history. Cadillac has become a symbol of Americana, the ultimate achievement of the American Dream.

The iconic American luxury brand, renowned for its high-performance and high-style automobiles, celebrates its 110th anniversary with this beautifully illustrated volume. Featuring over 200 full-color photographs, the book chronicles the evolution of the Cadillac brand, from its first closed-body automobile in 1905 to the first electric car and the ubiquitous Escalade in 2009, to the brand-new 2013 ATS.

Cadillac has also made a major impact on popular culture in music, film, art, and fashion, as illustrated in this collectors item. From Elvis Presley, an avid Cadillac collector, to Bruce Springsteen s hit song Pink Cadillac, to Prada, with its Cadillac design inspired shoe, to Andy Warhol s famed Twelve Cadillacs. In this both stylish and well-documented book, readers will discover why Cadillac truly is the Standard of the World.


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