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Published on 12.15.2011

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Here is a year since the club AmeriSud is born !!!!

Yeah, it really took off in early December 2010 and after a few months of existence it has found its cruising speed:

  • Many outputs.
  • Magazine, first mail, but that was quickly dubbed the "paper" version for members.
  • Recognition at the national level (which was not the goal!), Proof, Denis is a member and knows the promotion !
  • A significant number of members from the 1st year.
  • A forum and site followed by a motivated and eclectic.

Do not forget that the purpose was to provide a club with a reasonable fee and total unselfishness of its leaders in the financial sense of course! AmeriSud is an association, non-profit and intends to remain, contributions finance the magazine and some appetizers outings important, no need for expensive dedicated space to the smallest number !

2012 should confirm this first year so do not hesitate to make a journey with us. Sure outputs are limited to the south-west but if the passion is there, may be you will say hello when passing in Aquitaine ?


Not being an addict of this type of social networking but I realized that among those that rubs music, bikers, rods, etc ... Communication is rather well as forums where you must register, attend, etc ... So I added this possibility ! 


If you think a U.S. club is primarily a group of friends sharing a common passion in a friendly atmosphere, you have reason to join us ...

 Philippe Courant

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