2001 Cadillac Seville STS II ...

Published on 09.15.2016

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For those looking for an exotic limousine on the sidelines of the traditional German sedans, the Seville STS is a choice that fits perfectly. Forget the prejudices about the "ocean liner" aspect of big americans. Certainly, she will always prefer the highway to the laces of the hinterland of Nice, but this Cadillac has driving qualities quite suitable for our roads.

Its level of comfort does not have much to envy to the references of the category. On board, the silence is golden, the roominess for the least generous, and orders are very soft to use. The V8 obviously accommodates all traffic conditions, and the front train does not suffer any 305 hp relayed to him, the equipment is also very complete. The Seville remains the most powerful front wheel drive in the world of his time !
Credit Photos : Alan Baire Eveillard.

Alan Baire Eveillard



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