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Published on 08.05.2011

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Hello everybody,

Within some days, beginning of July, it will be one year that the site " The Foudre - US cars passion is online.

Buick Riviera 1963
 ... was the title of the first page of the site : it was on 3 of July  2010.

That day I was far of thincking about  the futur of the site. These last 8 months the site has registred a nice growth for the number of read pages; the number of regular visitors coming back has increased and is now stabilized at 60%; all that has strongly motivated me in continuing that nice aventure.The goal of this message is to thank you for your visits which are a strong support.

Many thanks to all my visitors from France and Overseas , including the last one from New Zealand; now we are 33 nations reading the site since July 2010 ! A big Thank you for my foreign visitors who are regulary present in the follow-up figures: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Switzland, Germany, Arabian Countries, Spain, Italy, Netherland, and so on ...

I take the opportunity of that message to give a big hello to all the enthusiasts who send me support mail,  thanks to them.I was going to forget the most important, a Master of the art in matter of computing, he don't know any  insurmantable challenge........I mean, my friend Igor.  D., the manager of the computing agency Web, Without him nothing would have been possible... many thanks to you Igor ...!



For end 2011 / beginning 2012 a nice surprise for you on American Classic Drive ...


Denis Eveillard 

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