AmeriSud enters in year 2015 ...

Published on 01.05.2015

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AmeriSud enters in year 2015 with an intact enthusiasm and perspective to reach more fans, both southwest and elsewhere! 4 years ago that the club is and success is undeniable. Even if they manage to lose some members in road we find new the year after ...

The "Mag of club" continues its publication, the # 16 has been posted to participants and is already working on the 17!

Question finance all goes well, we remain "affordable" with a fee including 4 Mag 38 €! The forum works satisfactorily even though we may regret a limited number of stakeholders in relation to the number of registered !!! And outputs remain numerous, from January to December it is rare that a month does not go without 1 or 2 attractions!

So feel free to join us and Denis is our best ambassadors!

Philippe Courant


The Mag Club Autumn 2014 ...

For this 15th edition of Mag, here is the summary. News from Detroitthe usual cards, one with the Hudson Commodore 1948-1950 but AMC Rebel '' Machine '' 1970.

This number is the year of the main course, almost entirely dedicated to summer outings clubs: exhibitions, trade fairs, but also (almost) through France to reach the beaches of Normandy to the members of  V8 Forever.

In the next Mag ', we will find them fall out, like the Tower of Salvagny, output in Spain, or the Epoqu'Auto lounge Eurexpo Lyon from November 2014.

For more information on this inter-club magazine published by the Association AmeriSud, log on to the site AmeriSud :



  If you want to browse by cons it will physically join (to AmeriSud as I preach to my parish ... lol) If you think a U.S. club is primarily a group of friends sharing a common passion in a friendly atmosphere, you have reason to join us ... If you want to discover the Association AmeriSud the site, a forum, a virtual tour is here ...

Not being an addict of this type of social networking but I realized that among those that rubs music, bikers, rods, etc ... Communication is rather well as forums where you must register, attend, etc ... So I added this possibility !    


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